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Garbage Disposals Do Not Have Magical Powers.

That many sound funny, but many people seem to think they do.

Garbage disposals can be a very useful kitchen tool, but if they’re misused, they can easily turn into a clogged-up nightmare.

Here are a few DOs and DON’Ts for those of you with garbage disposals:


  • Keep your disposal clean; pour some dish soap in and run it for a bit each day.
  • Use cold water only when running the disposal.
  • Use the disposal regularly; this prevents rust and corrosion and gets rid of accumulated food particles (and the smell they cause)
  • Grind up citrus peels to freshen the disposal.
  • Craig’s biggest "do" of all: throw most of your food waste in the trash or compost it.


  • Pour grease down the drain, ever. Ever.
  • Grind up anything that is not food! Glass, plastic, metal or even paper will ruin your disposal.
  • Grind up celery stalks, artichokes, corn husks, onion skins, or other very fibrous materials. The best thing to do with these is compost them; otherwise, into the trash they go.
  • Grind up potato peels. No, really, just don’t. They’re starchy and wreak havoc on disposals.
  • Cram things down the disposal. Only put small amounts of food down it at a time. It’s a small mechanical appliance, not a wood chipper.

If your garbage disposal has seized up, there are a couple things you can try:

  1. Turn off your disposal. Find the red reset button on the bottom of your disposal and press it. Turn it back on; if it runs, you’re done.
  2. If the reset button didn’t work, locate the allen wrench that came with your disposal; insert it into the hole in the bottom of the disposal and rotate it back and forth to unjam the blades.

If all else fails, call Craig at 629-202-0529. He’s the garbage disposal tamer.

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