Mailbox Makeover

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Mailboxes take a beating. Have you examined yours lately?

Could your post stand to be replaced? Maybe the post is okay but the box itself has seen better days?

Craig has repaired or replaced six mailboxes this spring alone. He's now gotten it down to a "science" (bad pun intended), developing his own "Oreo" technique to handle drainage, which he explains in the video.

Another key to a successful project is using the correct tools.  After the first mailbox install, he purchased an air hammer to make breaking up old concrete go a lot faster and easier. For mixing the concrete, Craig's favorite tool is the end of a garden hoe he broke decades ago and saved because he knew he'd have a use for it someday.  Even his wife begrudgingly admits that pack rat tendencies pay off at times.


Rocket Science Mailbox Installation Service


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